South Sea Mabe Pearl Bluebell Studs


Pearl Shape: Mabe
Pearl Size: 15mm
Pearl Grade: B

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Beautiful South Sea Mabe Pearl studs that can be worn on any occasion, set in classic sterling silver with a Cygnet Bay hard hat diver cut out feature on the back.

This is the largest range of Australian mabe South Sea Pearls, direct from Cygnet Bay. Each and every Cygnet Bay mabe pearl is complemented with clean smooth lines of silver or gold to ensure that its’ beauty stands outs. Stunning and modern, the Bluebell range is very easy to wear, with classic pendants, gorgeous hooks, stunning studs, and tempting cuff and bracelet designs. Available in your choice of sterling silver, 9ct yellow gold and 9ct white gold.

Our guarantee is simple: every pearl we sell comes from our farm at Cygnet Bay.  Best referred to as an Australian South Sea Pearl, but also colloquially called a Broome Pearl, the precious gift of a Cygnet Bay Pearl captures the spirit of the pristine Kimberley; unspoilt, wild and free, bringing with it genuine beauty and authenticity. You will receive a certificate stating your pearl’s origin, and grade, along with information about your pearl’s setting.

Your Cygnet Bay Pearl is not only a pearl from an environmentally sound and sustainable process but also represents a piece of Australia’s pearling heritage.

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