South Sea Keshi Pearl Impressions Petite Ring


Pearl Shape: Keshi
Pearl Grade: A

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A uniqued hammered 9ct yellow gold band with a perfect Cygnet Bay South Sea Pearl perched preciously on top. This Impressions ring can accommodate a number of different sized keshi pearls. If you would like to customise this ring with a pearl of your choice please call our Pearl Consultants on 08 9192 5402 or email

The Impressions collection draws its inspiration from the ebb and flow of the azure blue waters of the Kimberley coast. Where the rugged landscape rich with oxidised pindan encounters the beautiful white sands of the coast line and the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean lap the shore upon Cygnet Bay. The Pinctada maxima oyster thrives in these coastal waters, and this unique marine environment, both harsh and beautiful lends to the creation of the most beautiful pearls in the world.

The Impressions collection captures the warmth of the sun as the beams of light hit the water. The instantaneous reflection from the glassy surface as the water swirls beneath, creating sparkling rays of light, that glare off into the blue sky. The currents below the surface create a mosaic of dancing light and leave lasting Impressions.

Our guarantee is simple: every pearl we sell comes from our farm at Cygnet Bay. Best referred to as an Australian South Sea Pearl, but also colloquially called a Broome Pearl, the precious gift of a Cygnet Bay Pearl captures the spirit of the pristine Kimberley; unspoilt, wild and free, bringing with it genuine beauty and authenticity. You will receive a certificate stating your pearl’s origin, and grade, along with information about your pearl’s setting.

Your Cygnet Bay Pearl is not only a pearl from an environmentally sound and sustainable process but also represents a piece of Australia’s pearling heritage.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Photo indicative only.  Due to the unique nature of Keshi pearls, also known as seedless pearls, every pearl is unique hence the pearl shape will vary from piece to piece. For images of the piece currently in stock please do not hesitate to call our Pearl Consultants for more information on 08 9192 5402.

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