Our Seagrass Range symbolises the significance of the pristine marine environments in which our pearls grow. This design captivates the fluid movement of seabeds amongst the ever changing tides to create the exquisite Akoya pearl which is embedded upon it. We are forever in awe of our impressive, fragile ecosystem and aim to honor it’s intricacy with this collection. Make this elegant pendant your staple accessory tobe cherished for generations to come.

Pearls of Australia certify the pearls described herewith come direct from the waters in which they were grown, having remained in our care at all times. These pearls are rare and precious gems, representing a piece of Australia’s pearling heritage.

Our Premium Australian Pearls have been hand graded and valued by our skilled team and are guaranteed to be of natural colour and lustre – a rare virtue among pearls in the global marketplace today. You will receive a certificate stating your pearl’s origin, and grade, along with information about your pearl’s setting.
Each pearl supports our local pearl farmers, representing decades of innovation and forged in harmony with nature.We are proud that our sustainable farming practices are restorative by nature and play a significant role in the conservation of our shared marine environments.