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Kimberley Lily

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Our Kimberley Lilly collection draws its inspiration from the stunning natural lily varieties found throughout the rugged and remote Kimberley region of Northern West Australia. Having one of the single most impressive ranges of native lilies in the world, with over 3,500 varieties recorded. The Kimberley Lily collection has been exclusively designed for Cygnet Bay Pearls. It tells a story of a single monsoonal droplet plummeting towards the earth; falling onto a lily pad, the leaf moves to cradle the droplet, this imagery frozen post-impact. The bead of water, with its mysterious reflective qualities, appears to the poetic eye as a pearl cupped, in its fall from heaven, could it be a tear from Venus herself? Each and every Kimberley Lily is set with lustrous pearls direct from the pristine waters at Cygnet Bay. These pearls are hand-selected and cupped preciously in the gold of Kimberley Lily.