Pearls of Australia

Every pearl we sell comes directly from one of our farms



Come and visit our Broken Bay Pearl Farm Shellar Door...


Pearl Jewellery

Australian South Sea and Australian Akoya pearl jewellery direct from our farms


Pearl Farm Tours

Immerse yourself in the Australian pearl at our farms in Sydney and Broome


Provenance & Purity

Untreated pearls grown in pristine Australian waters


BROKEN BAY PEARL FARMSydney Pearl Farm ToursThe most lustrous and rare Akoya pearls in the world are grown here at Broken Bay Pearl Farm on the Central Coast of New South Wales, one hour north of Sydney.  Visit our pearl farm Shellar Door on the Hawkesbury River and learn the secrets of cultivating this precious gem.

CYGNET BAY PEARL FARMAustralian South Sea pearls forged from the pristine waters of the Kimberley coast, two hours north of Broome in Western Australia.  The home of the Australian pearl, Cygnet Bay offers you the rare opportunity to purchase pearls direct from the waters in which they were farmed.



Gold pearl ring with diamondsAustralian South Sea Pearl jewellery direct from our farm in the Kimberley.


pearl pendant goldAustralian Akoya pearls from Broken Bay Pearls are naturally lustrous, colourful and uniquely pure.


gold pearl earrings hookSupporting families in the Dampier Peninsula communities providing early childhood education and parent support.


To wear Pearls of Australia is to wear the world’s purest pearl and to demand the highest value through its rarity and guarantee of provenance and purity.

Pearls of Australia is a joint venture between Cygnet Bay Pearls and Broken Bay Pearls who represent two species of premium quality pearls with a guarantee of provenance and purity, as well as immersive industry experiences such as farm tourism offerings and industry education.

From New South Wales’ stunning Central Coast to the remote Kimberley of North Western Australia, Pearls of Australia represents a vast range of products and experiences centred around the Australian South Sea Pearl of Cygnet Bay north of Broome, and the Australian Akoya Pearl of Broken Bay north of Sydney.

Pearls are typically graded by five virtues of shape, size, colour, lustre and skin, however Pearls of Australia offers an additional two virtues that distinguishes it from others on the international market.  World class pearls, rich in lustre and colour, and sustainably forged in pristine marine environments, the seven virtues of  Pearls of Australia include provenance and purity.

Inspired by market research that confirmed authenticity is the most desired trait for high quality jewellery consumers, however the global wholesale market currently does not have the tools to carry source of origin information through the pearl supply chain.

With this in mind, Pearls of Australia has committed to further research with various universities which will ultimately enable industry to value a pearl based on the guarantee of source of origin, species and treatment.

“The pearls from Broken Bay are marketed without the use of any bleaches or dyes as is common practice elsewhere in the world."

Laura OtterResearcher Macquarie University

“By publicly calling for industry-wide honesty, [James] Brown hopes to usher in a new era of transparent and ethical sales — backed up by science,”

Fleur BaingerJournalist

“If this sounds like organic farming, you’d be right, and a pearl oyster needs to thrive, not merely survive, to be able to make its coveted lustrous pearl.”

Cathereine RetterPublisher, Coast Magazine

“For the discerning pearl buyer, origin does make a big difference and for people looking for rarer, higher-quality pearls,”

James DockingRutherford Pearls
Broken Bay Pearl Farm Tours

Pearls of Australia is a partnership between Cygnet Bay Pearls and Broken Bay Pearls.